Getting Married in Church.

It's recently become easier to get married in Church even if you don't attend regularly. Visit for all you need to know about getting married in the Church of England.

The Church of England considers marriage to be a permanent and lifelong union, but the Church has always sought to combine long-held principles with a response to changes in society in a mature and responsible manner.

Divorced Persons.

We will consider the marriage of persons whose previous marriage has been terminated if they show a desire to follow the Christian principle of a lifelong commitment. It must also be shown that the intended couple were not responsible for the previous marriage breakdown. Such matters need to be discussed with the clergy before assuming a marriage can take place within the churches of the parishes.

Booking Your Wedding.

It is vital that the clergy be contacted before arranging wedding reception venues to ascertain whether a marriage is possible on a particular date.


Couples who reside within the parishes of Forsbrook (Blythe Bridge included) and Draycott (including Creswell) may opt for either St Margaret's or St Peter's as a venue for the wedding.

A person with a family or historical connection to either parish may also qualify for marriage as long as the connection can be proven.

Otherwise attendance at either church for six months in order to join the church electoral roll (the lists of membership) is a legal requirement to qualify for marriage within a particular parish church.

Banns of Marriage must be called by law for three Sundays in the three months preceding the wedding.

The Cost ?

Weddings do not need to cost an arm and a leg ! The total church fees include banns, use of the church, lighting, heating and organist fee.

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