Confirmation marks the point in the Christian journey where those who have been baptised as children make a firm commitment to Christian discipleship. For adults baptised into the Christian faith we normally offer baptism in or just before the confirmation service.

In confirmation the candidate repeats the promises made on their behalf by their sponsors at baptism (parents and God parents). As such both the candidate 'confirms' their acceptance of the promises (to follow Christ, repent of their sins and renounce evil) and the Church 'confirms' their faith by the prayer with the laying on of hands by the bishop, for the strengthening of faith by the Holy Spirit.

We normally only offer confirmation once a year (as the bishop has to cover a large area). We invite adults to join the autumn Alpha Course (see the Alpha link) which acts as a confirmation course, supplemented by talks on the Church and sacraments.

Children should have reached Key Stage 3 - year seven. Exceptions can by made to children who attend regular worship, such as members of the choir or Fisher's Club, in which case we can accept youngsters from year 6. Normally youngsters will be expected to attend preparation classes, again in the autumn.

In all cases, pleases make contact with the clergy for further information.