Mission Statement: To help people into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ and help them to grow in that relationship.

About our services:

We aim to provide a cross section of worship styles from traditional choral to contemporary charismatic! This is a reflection of the desire of the congregation who come from both a ‘catholic’ and ‘evangelical charismatic’ backgrounds’. So here is a glossary of terms and styles!

The 8-00 a.m. Holy Communion is a service written by the founding archbishop of the Church of England, Thomas Cranmer, back in the sixteenth century and ‘updated’ in 1662. It’s a half hour service said only, with a short address, in traditional language

The 10-00 a.m. Holy Communion are modern language services based upon the service book for the Church of England published in 2000. The worship is based upon the most ancient Christian Communion services, but in modern English. There is a sermon and hymns are both traditional and modern. The service lasts just over an hour and Sunday School (Fishers club) meets at the same time, children leaving during the second hymn and returning for the last in St Peter’s. In St Margaret’s the children meet in the church hall.

Praise and Worship services are informal in style, although we use a simple structure. Songs are modern, we do not use the organ and PowerPoint is often used along with other means of illustrating the message and worship, which is lively in pattern. Sometimes a baptism service replaces the Praise and Worship.

Sunday Evening (St. Peter's only) Normally these Services are held at 6:00pm, but during the Winter months the service commences at 5:00p.m.(From 1st Sunday in November through the last Sunday in February). These services are a mixture of the sixteenth century choral evensong – based upon the monastic services of the medieval church. On two Sundays (1st and 3rd) the service is modern Holy Communion – similar to the morning Communion services.

B48 (St. Peter's only) Once a month on each second Sunday of January to July and September to December, at 7-30 p.m. we have a more charismatic style of worship led by our music group. It’s very informal and we usually have a lively visiting speaker. We aim to finish at 9-00 p.m.

Experience shows that worship must be in ‘Sprit and Truth’ and where God’s people meet in prayerful expectancy, He is there to bless and be blessed through our praise.

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